According to recent article on Forbes, writer Jeanne Pinder calls ‘the PEO option’ a “health insurance hack for entrepreneurs.” She goes on to make a case for how partnering with a professional employer organization (like Idilus) can allow entrepreneurs and small business owners to provide top of the line healthcare benefits to staff and prospective talent at a much lower rate. Intro our newest product, Simple Scale. Simple Scale is a top of the product specifically tailored to small-business owners, entrepreneurs, and startups. While Pinder is mostly focused on healthcare (it’s her field of expertise), we would like to steal her idea and call Simple Scale the ultimate business hack for entrepreneurs. Because, of course we can help you find top of the line insurance plans for your small company, but with Simple Scale your complete payroll compliance and human resources management are managed for you. Which on average has saved Simple Scale users close to 100 hours a month and 40% cost savings from what they paid in human resources management before Simple Scale.

Payroll Compliance is more complicated than you may think.

Everyday more rules and regulations are placed on employee payroll. For a small business owner who is spending most of their day keeping up with their product or service offerings, clients, customers, feedback, and general staff management- there isn’t much room to think about what it takes to get your people paid. Included in Simple Scale is a comprehensive payroll compliance package. This means that we will take care of making sure your people are paid on time, legally, and in the correct amounts. Most employees rank payment mistakes as the number one reason to leave a company. Enroll in Simple Scale and watch your retention increase.

Benefits Packages do not have to be tricky.

What are two of the biggest reasons that top talent decides not to leave a Fortune 500 company to join the corporate world? Compensation and job security. Startups are a historically risky field. Many job seekers feel unsure about their future in taking a startup job over a more secure established company job. Plus, usually startups cannot pay as much as other companies as they work on shoestring budgets and contend for funding. The benefit of using Simple Scale is that it can enable you to offer your existing and prospective staff better compensation monetarily and through benefits. Let us help you shop healthcare plans, 401Ks, and other options so that your employment offers carry the same weight as any other company’s. You will like the results.

Reduce risk, build culture, and make your people happy.

No matter what, at the end of the day, businesses are built and maintained by the people that build them. While that may seem like an obvious statement, one reason why people leave a job is because they don’t feel like the company they worked for cared about them. One component of Simple Scale is the option to let us help build your employee handbook, and lay an outline for the company culture you want to achieve and hire accordingly. We can help you present clear cut guidelines to your staff before they ever take the job with your company so that they feel protected and cared for from day one. We also have an entire team devoted to risk reduction and management. This can help keep you from incurring workers compensation claims, or help you mitigate them if you do. Keep your people safe, happy, and protected by signing up for Simple Scale.

Not matter what industry you are in, or what your startup is, we can help save you time and money through Simple Scale. Contact us today to

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